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SM-050 Wave and Current Radar

The Miros SM-050 Wave & Current Radar is a unique high performance sensor for measurement of directional wave spectra and surface currents dual footprint pulse Doppler method for wave measurements, and microwave dual frequency method for measuring surface currents. Measurements are not influenced by precipitation, like for most other radar based sensors.
It is a state of the art sensor providing comparable performance to high quality directional wave buoys with built-in surface current meter.

It is basically available in two versions: for fixed platforms and shore installations, and for stationary or slow moving floating structures, with use of optional motion compensation.

  • Directional Spectra 36 directions, 32 frequencies, frequency range 0,0-0,3 Hz, update interval 2,5 minutes
  • Wave Height Range 0-30 m, Period 3-30s, Direction 1-360º
  • Surface Current Range 0-2,5 m/s, Direction 1-360º, update interval 15 minutes
  • Antenna Beamwidth 24º, 6 antennas

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