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OSD Oil Spill Detection System

The Oil Spill Detection (OSD) system utilizes advanced radar image processing algorithms for earliest possible detection oil spill, giving position, position history and estimate of future drift. The OSD is an add-on the Wavex wave monitoring system, which collects digitized sea surface images from standard marine X-band radars and estimates directional wave spectra and the sea surface current.

The OSD has the ability to detect, and track, oil spill in complete darkness enabling 24 hours recovery operations. During operations, the tactical display assists the crew onboard in searching, detecting and location of oil spills and facility the following and tracking located oil spills.

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  • Unmodified navigation X-band radar can be used
  • Accurate data within 2-4 km radius for recovery operations
  • Surveillance detection range is substantially longer and depends on installation height and radar equipment
  • Automated detection
  • Day and night operation, in fog and poor visibility
  • Real-time data supporting OSD operation
  • Wave, wind and surface current data to support recovery
  • Tested in yearly oil-on-water exercises since 2004
  • Used in real clean-up operations
  • Adopted by international oil recovery operators
OSD Miros

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