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SM-094 Range Finder

The Range Finder is an accurate and reliable radar sensor for measurement of water level, tide, waves and air gap. The sensor signal processing is performed by a microcontroller and provides the measured range as well as an averaged range with 1 mm resolution. Averaging time constant may be selected by user. The SM-094 Range Finder microwave sensor is unaffected by temperature and will penetrate and operate undisturbed in fog, rain and water spray. The sensor is available in different range versions from 1 to 85 meters, with different antenna beam width.

The main applications are sea level and non-directional wave monitoring at ports and coastlines, water level monitoring at rivers, dams, canals and lakes, and air gaps monitoring from bridges.

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  • Microwave frequency 9.4-9.8 GHz
  • Triangular FM Modulation
  • Wide beam antenna beam width 10º, range 1-10m, 1-20m
  • Narrow beam antenna beam width 5º, range 3-20m, 3-50m, 3-85m
  • Error <1 cm (individual measurements), <1mm (averaged measurements)
  • Digital signal output RS232 and RS422
  • Sampling interval 20-60.000 ms (0.016-50 Hz)
  • Small physical dimensions, low weight, high long term stability

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