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SM-048 Maritime Microwave Altimeter

The SM-048 maritime microwave altimeter is designed for measurement of water level and tidal variations, non directional wave from fixed structures and vessels and airgap for ride control input on high speed vessels. The sensor signal processing is performed by a microcontroller that provides the measured range as well as an averaged range with 1 mm resolution. Averaging time constant may be selected by user.

The high propagation velocity compared to acoustic sensors provides measurement reliability and accuracy very good and makes the sensor well suited for use on high speed vessels. Due to low frequency of operation compared to laser sensors, fog, rain and water spray will not cause measurement problems.

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  • Microwave frequency 9.4-9.8 GHz
  • Triangular FM Modulation
  • Antenna beam width 20º
  • Measure range 1-10 m
  • Error <1 cm (individual measurements), <1mm (averaged measurements)
  • Digital signal output RS232
  • Sampling interval 2, 4 or 8 Hz
  • Analogue signal output (optional) range 0-10 V, band width 2 Hz
  • Small physical dimensions, low weight, high long term stability
SM-048 FSI
SM-048 FSI

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