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TGR-1050HT Hydrotide Vented Tide Gauge

The TGR-1050HT is a purpose designed recording tide gauge for long term monitoring of tidal activity in unattended locations. Pressure only is measured on the sea bed using a vented transducer for automatic atmospheric compensation. Tide measurement is achieved by averaging pressure data, sampled at a rate of 4Hz. The sample period and the length of the averaging burst are fully programmable.

  • Pressure ranges from 2 to 100 m
  • Store up to 2,400,000 readings on 8MB memory
  • Battery capacity to run unattended for five years
  • Direct connection by direct RS232 or RS485 line, VHF/UHF radio telemetry or CDMA/GSM modem to the office or base station
  • NEMA 4X case

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