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Pro Oceanus Systems

CO2-Pro Sensor

The CO2-Pro is a lightweight, compact, and versatile sensor for measuring the partial pressure of CO2 in water. It is designed for use in underway-mode, in the laboratory and on moorings (design tested to depths of 1000 m).

The CO2-Pro is fitted with an IR detector and the new patented PSI pump-driven fast interface. This revolutionary new interface provides an equilibrated gas sample to the detector. Note that a source of water flow is required at 3 to 10 litres per minute (optional Sea-Bird 5-T pump available from Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. or from Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.).

The CO2-Pro is factory calibrated from 0-600 ppm CO2 with calibration burned into EPROM (other calibration ranges are available by special order). To maintain accuracy, the detector module is equipped to perform an automatic zero point calibration (AZPC). When the AZPC is initiated, the gas stream is routed through a CO2 absorbent to provide a zero ppm CO2 measurement. The CO2 zero measurement compensates for changes in optical cell performance and is used in determinations of ppm CO2 until a new AZPC is performed.

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  • High precision and accuracy
  • RS-232 data interface
  • Low power requirements
  • Light weight and compact size
  • Unique antifouling protection
  • Raw data and ppm CO2 included in data stream

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