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MS-310 Salinometer

The MS-310 is based on a new concept in which the conductance of the sample is simultaneously compared with the conductance of a reference. Every sample is therefore standardized, and the standard itself is enclosed in glass to preserve the integrity of measurement for weeks.
This dual cell innovation removes the need for highly stable bath temperatures, and the cells are surrounded by a well stirred oil bath to ensure thermal uniformity

The MS-310 provides oceanographers with a reliable shipboard method to verify the performance of sophisticated modern CTD instruments. By giving a direct measurement of RT against the reference it gives a rapid confirmation of accuracy of a CTD with low operating costs.
This instrument achieves an accuracy of ±0.002 PSU, being useful for calibration of salinity up to WOCE standard.

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  • Portable, small size and light weight
  • Rugged mechanical construction
  • No thermal equalization required
  • Able to measure directly from sample bottle
  • RS-232 or USB interface to laptop and GPS
  • Standardization interval 24 hours recommended
  • Simultaneous comparison between sample and standard
MS-310 RBR
MS-310 RBRMS-310 RBRMS-310 micro salinometerMS-310 RBRMS-310 RBRMS-310 RBR

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