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DO-1050 Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen DO-1050 is a small, self-contained and submersible logger. Important advantages are its high stability, easily re-calibrated by the before and after each use, and no regular maintenance.

Oxyguard DO sensor (522M18) makes DO-1050 an ideal instrument for stationary measurements in marine, freshwater, and aquaculture applications.

  • Two external casings for the DO-1050: Delrin housing with a depth rating of 740 m and titanium depth rating of 2000 m
  • The DO-1050 is calibrated to an accuracy of ±1% O2 saturation
  • - Galvanic Oxyguard DO sensor (522M18) has built-in temperature compensation. It is not sensitive to hydrogen sulphide.
  • It can be deployed for a period of up to three years and can collect more than 2,400,000 samples (8Mbytes flash memory)
  • RS-232/485, RF Modem control or GSM/CDMA modem
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