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6820V2 / 6920V2 Multiparameter Sondes

The YSI 6820 V2 is a cost-effective sonde for profiling and spot-checking. The YSI 6920 V2 sonde is an economical logging system, ideal for long-term in situ monitoring and profiling. Two versions are available:

  • 6820/6920 V2-1 has one optical port, conductivity/temperature port, Rapid Pulse DO port, pH/ORP port, and 3 ISE ports
  • 6820/6920 V2-2 has 2 optical ports, conductivity/temperature port, pH port, and one ISE port

Optical sensors include ROX optical dissolved oxygen, blue-green algae, chlorophyll, turbidity, or Rhodamine. Additional calculated parameters include Salinity, specific conductance, Depth or Shalow Vented Level, Total Dissolved Solids, NO3-N, NH3/NH4-N, Cl. A pressure sensor is an option on both versions.

Utilize YSI’s new optical sensor design and anti-fouling wiper control for improved reliability during extended deployments.

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  • Field-replaceable sensors make trips to the field quick
  • 6920V2 with built-in alkaline battery compartment, external power (12 VDC). Data logging is not available on the 6820 V2
  • Computer interface RS-232; SDI 12
  • Software EcoWatch for Windows: program, upload data collected on the equipment and format the data in graphs and tables
6820V2/6920V2 YSI
6820V2/6920V2 YSI6820V2/6920V26820V2/6920V26820V2/6920V2

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