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XR 420/620 Multi Channel CTD

XR-420 and 620 are small, autonomous 24-bit profiling loggers with 1 Hz (6Hz for the XR-620) sampling and capacity to support up to 6 sensors in the standard enclosure and up to 11 in custom configurations.
These include Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, pH, ORP (RedOx), Dissolved Oxygen, Fluorescence, Turbidity, Transmittance, PAR, and many others in any combination. Conductivity, Temperature and Depth are measured using RBR sensors calibrated to NIST traceable standards.

The XR-620 is the profiling version of the standard XR-420 logger; it includes all of the above features, plus 6Hz maximum sampling rate, fast thermistor (0.095s time constant), thresholding capability (logger only samples while submerged) and optionally, a fast response dissolved oxygen sensor, approximately 1 sec for 63% at 25ēC.

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  • XR- 420 and XR-620 are available in two casings, Delrin (up to 740 m) and titanium (up to 8500 m)
  • All calibration constants are stored in the logger
  • 8 MB Flash memory standard (2.4M samples), up to 8 GByte option
  • Battery is 1.3Ah internal with external battery options or power supplied over the cable from the deck
  • RS232 or RS485 serial communication allows real-time operation over long cable links
XR 420/620 RBR
XR 420/620 RBRXR-420/620

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