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XR-420 T8, T16 and T24 Thermistor Chains

The Thermistor Strings XR-420 T8, T16 and T24 are a series of multichannel temperature data recorders designed to operate with arrays of thermistor. The XR-420 can include up to three eight-channel modules, and any combination of thermistors (up to 24) can be readily made using the eight channel modules.

The thermistor strings are custom made and may be of any length and with any spacing between thermistors. The thermistor may be mounted in-line on a cable, or embedded into a rugged PVC tube for ground temperature measurements. They have been made to be deployed in sea or lake water, as well as underground or in ice. They have been used to measure internal waves and for cryospheric studies.

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  • May be used at depths up to 4000 m
  • Standard thermistor is the Thermometrics P Series, chosen for stability
  • Thermistor strings are calibrated to ±0.005ºC against ITS-90 primary standards
  • Resolution <0.00005°C
  • 8 MB Flash memory standard (2.4M samples)
  • T8 and T16 may be combined with other sensors
  • Up to 2 years runtime
  • RS232 or RS485 serial communication
Thermistor chains RBR
Thermistor chains RBRThermistor chainsThermistor chains

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